Karen Yadovski acting studio is a dream come true.

It’s not a modest dream, I agree…..








people come up to me and they don’t know how dare I dream about a generation of actors that are

actually in charge, fully responsible of their own success, becasue acting as the world seems to think

is a combination of: luck, the right look, the right part, the strings you can pull, ….those same strings

who actually end up pulling you, like a puppet (!!) leaving you a victim of circumstances, of slim chances

of making it in the acting world, and eventually, sadly……….abandoning your dream.


I am a dreamer, and a doer.


Dreamers and doers exist also in entertainment. The world is full of them, successfull and talented

and yes, entrepeneurs, who are fully responsible for their success, they have the right skills and they

manage it so the dream keeps on fullfilling itself. People just chose to see the easy end of it, and give

success many names, and many irrelevant reasons, but the reality is that the successfull actors,

and especially the ones who made it over decades, work on being relevant, changing with ther times,

reinventing themselves.


people chose to see the oscar winning smile, I chose to see the entrepeneur, the pioneer, the hard

work that pays back.



I dared going after my dream because i believe that entertainment is not just red carpet.

Any given movie consists of charachters that are from our everyday lives and they look like you

and me and the next door neighbors. they come in all shapes and colors. any movie, play or show

needs an erray of looks and types, and there is a place for every GOOD actor in the industry,

given the fact he does the right thing to get in there, and lead.


we, at Karen yadovski acting studio, have the best teachers, and we make sure we teach all that is

needed in order for the students to have those much needed entrepeneurial skills. Every student is

given all the tools necessary to become a leader. A leader of his own (acting) life, managing his career

wether its an audition, a production they need to put together, marketing and business planning.

with that base, great talents can go out to the world and start acting and producing from day one,

not to mention the fact that we make the practice doing so the minute they start studying.


Years ago, I studied in Lee Strasberg school in New York, and other world renowned acting institues,

dreaming to take all the tools I have been given, and turning them into reality, importing the methods,

the knowledge, and impelemnting my own into it.


In my younger age, I was part of the team accompanying the peace talks that was led by Yitzhak Rabin.

In that team I got to know a very special man, a leaders’ leader: Shimon Peres, who later became our

probably most prominent president to date. His final advice to me was: you sound like you have a

dream worth going after. Go for it.


So here I am, many years later, and a few years of owning the acting studio. It has been a bumpy road

but one worth taking. I think the reviews my students get are probably the best evidence.


I need to say this: we all have been moved by a song, a poem, a play….and we all relax in front of the

TV from time to time. Culture is everywhere. Its not owned by the big studios and theatres, it can and

should belong to all cultures and be applied in all aspects of life.


We, at the Karen Yadovski acting studio, took it upon us to make it happen for our students.


I dare you to follow your dream. Its less risky then anything else you won’t do…



Karen Yadovski Heruti

Founder and CEO




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